Master Data Management

To run a business successfully, every organization needs to provide their sales and support staff with business-critical data about their customers, products, channel partners, suppliers when they need it, and in the right format for them to use it. Unfortunately many businesses fail to do so resulting in poor customer service, lost sales opportunities and diminishing brand value. This problem is so widespread that most organizations acknowledge their shortcomings in utilizing already existing data for effective customer service and other key functions. Most companies subscribe to the oft mentioned adage about data "Data is the only asset that grows in value the more it is used" but very few actually capitalize on the same. This is especially true for organizations with siloed systems scattered across the enterprise with fragmented customer or product data. This problem gets even more acute with any mergers and acquisitions that the organization goes through.

Informatica and IBM Master Data Management (MDM) products help organizations overcome these challenges by providing them with a means to get a single, accurate, version of their critical data or in other words the "best version of the truth".

Softpath now has over 50 certified MDM professionals with over 100,000 hours of recent MDM implementation work. The work of the Softpath team on Informatica and IBM Master Data Management (MDM) implementations have helped many organizations overcome the problems associated with siloed and fragmented data and allowed these organizations to view some of their most important data in a brand new light.

The Softpath MDM team works with our clients to create a common understanding of the business purpose and value between all stakeholders. Because we represent a range of MDM solutions, we can help you select the best product for your needs. We work on behalf of our customer to obtain the best pricing and product.

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