Identity Resolution

Informatica Identity Resolution empowers organizations to search and match identity data from numerous countries, in batch and in real time.

Informatica Identity Resolution is powerful, highly scalable software that empowers both private and government organizations to search and match identity data. This identity resolution product offers the horsepower and bandwidth to perform real-time, high-volume searches across very large databases and delivers highly accurate results by using a customizable and hybrid approach to matching that supports multiple countries and languages.

Some of the advantages of Identity Resolution are:

  • Manage risk, detect fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations against money laundering and other economic and trade sanction laws by supplying the business with reliable master and reference data in performing identity resolution
  • Lower the operational costs of government agencies and departments by accurately searching, matching, grouping, screening, and linking identity data, ultimately streamlining the identity resolution process
  • Improve the "single view of the customer" and supply the business with high-quality data to better serve its customers