Data Virtualization

More than half the data that exists today was generated in the last 4 years. Siloed and fractured data in disparate Data warehouses and data marts becomes a hindrance in BI initiatives. Businesses that were earlier focused on getting data into their data warehouses are now struggling with the prospect of getting that data out in the way they want.

Agile BI using Informatica Data Virtualization is the key to getting the data that customers need in 1/5th of the time at 1/3rd of the cost as compared to traditional methods of Data extraction.

Softpath is a pioneer in Data Virtualization and has helped enterprises manage Growing volumes of increasingly complex structured/unstructured data resulting in benefits such as Agile Business intelligence, Deployment of a self-service customer portal and Single View of Customer. With the help of Informatica's Data Virtualization platform, Softpath's EIM team delivers on the promise of information-as-a-service (IaaS) by enabling tactical solutions that also deliver a stepping stone to enterprise data management.

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