Data Quality

Virtually every aspect of business operations is based on and supported by information. Increasing reliance on automated business processes, more stringent regulation, and the ever-increasing pitch of competition are driving organizations to focus on the data they use to run their business. Enterprise applications, business intelligence and data warehousing programs, data migration and data integration initiatives can easily suffer from poor data quality, jeopardizing large investments.

Make your business more self-sufficient and your IT more productive with our Data Quality solutions built on Informatica Platform. Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) delivers authoritative and trust worthy data to all stake holders, all projects and all data domains and all business applications on premise or in the cloud using a single unified platform. It transforms the way your business works by instilling trust in all your data, for all your needs, at all times.

Allow us to demonstrate the value proposition of Informatica's data Quality product coupled with Softpath's technical expertise. With Softpath, a better partnership is guaranteed to help you harness the power of your existing data.

Achieve better business outcomes with trusted enterprise data with Softpath's IDQ solutions.

Softpath Data Quality Services are designed to let customers understand and improve the quality of data they rely on every day to run their business. Data Quality is one area where organizations know they have issues but don't know where to start cleansing their data. The Softpath Data Quality team can help you gain control and trust over your data thus enabling you to make the best informed business decisions.

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