B2B Data Exchange
Informatica B2B Data Exchange is a unique and comprehensive environment that enables and empowers organizations to effectively aggregate, exchange and share data between applications and with clients, business partners, channels, suppliers and other external data sources. It also provides a universal transformation engine to integrate all data formats, including unstructured data, industry-standard data, XML, and a number of proprietary formats.

B2B Data Transformation
Informatica B2B Data Transformation provides a comprehensive, enterprise-class solution to unlock unstructured, semi structured, hierarchical and industry standardized information that can be used in a data integration process or deployed within any middleware or enterprise data service. Softpath's EIM team has successfully implemented Informatica B2B products to enable clients to easily integrate large volumes of diverse data and streamline secured information exchange across business channels, Using Informatica B2B Data Exchange and Data Transformation, Softpath Clients achieved up to an 80% reduction in their data on boarding times while rapidly identifying issues and fixing them to improve customer and partner relationships and to boost overall operational performance.